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Genetics Overview

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Genetics Overview, Written by tutor Trevor J., Wyzant.com Text, illustrations, and interactive quiz. READ MORE

Mendel's Laws

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Mendel's Laws, Written by tutor Laura R., Wyzant.com Text, illustrations, and interactive quiz. READ MORE

Mendel's Laws Flashcards

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Mendel's Laws Flashcards, Created by mlewando, Quizlet.com, Interactive flash cards. READ MORE

Mendel's Laws of Genetic Inheritance

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Mendel's Laws of Genetic Inheritance, PBS Learning Media, Interactive activity. READ MORE

Mendelian Inheritance: Introduction

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Mendelian Inheritance: Introduction, BioCoach Activity, Pearson Education, Inc.. Great site on Mendelian genetics; interactive problems to solve at the end. READ MORE

AP Bio- Information 9: Extensions to Mendelian Genetics

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AP Bio- Information 9: Extensions to Mendelian Genetics, By David Knuffke, This unit discusses traits; scroll through at your own pace. READ MORE

AP Bio- Information 8: Intro to Mendelian Genetics

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AP Bio- Information 8: Intro to Mendelian Genetics, BY David Knuffke, A Mendelian Genetics Unit. Scroll through at your own pace. READ MORE

What Makes You, YOU

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What Makes You, YOU, American Museum of Natural History, Interactive activity. READ MORE

GENetics is where it all begins

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GENetics is where it all begins, American Museum of Natural History, Interactive activity. READ MORE

Just for Kids! A Cartoon Guide to Genetics - Office of NIH History

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Just for Kids! A Cartoon Guide to Genetics, Office of NIH History, Cartoon courtesy of Salvadore Bru, "Place your cursor over the slide show to pause." READ MORE

Genetics Quiz: Mendelian Genetics

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Genetics Quiz: Mendelian Genetics By Regina Bailey, ThoughtCo., "Think you know all there is to know about mendelian genetics? Take this genetics quiz." READ MORE

Mendel's Experiments

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Mendel's Experiments SOURCE: Freeman, S, Biological Science, Second Edition, © 2006 Pearson Prentice Hall, Inc. Storyboard & animation by Sumanas, Inc. Re-creation (animation) of Mendel's experi READ MORE

Gregor Mendel: Planting the Seeds of Genetics

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Gregor Mendel: Planting the Seeds of Genetics The Field Museum Read how people's opinions on heredity have changed through the years, Gregor Mendel's life, his pea experiment, what he discovered READ MORE

Genetics Basics

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Genetics Basics, By Regina Bailey, ThoughtCo., "Have you ever wondered why you have the same eye color as your mother or the same hair color as your father?" Visit the website to find out. READ MORE

Genetics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

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Genetics For Dummies Cheat Sheet, by Tara Rodden Robinson, Dummies.com, Combination of text and illustrations; definitions of key words also provided. READ MORE

Mendel's Laws

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Mendel's Laws, Biology Questions & Answers, Twenty question review. READ MORE

Nirenburg: History Section: Gregor Mendel

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Nirenburg: History Section: Gregor Mendel, Office of History, National Institute of Health, Background information on how Mendel went about his experiments on pea plants. READ MORE

Gregor Mendel - My Favourite Scientist

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Gregor Mendel - My Favourite Scientist, Uploaded by FavScientist, Mar 18, 2011, Professor Yvonne Barnett, Nottingham Trent University Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of College, Video length: 6:12 READ MORE

Basic Principles of Genetics: Mendel's Genetics

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Basic Principles of Genetics: Mendel's Genetics, by Dr. Dennis O'Neil, Behavioral Sciences Department, Palomar College, Background information on Gregory Mendel and more in-depth coverage of hi READ MORE

Heredity: Genetics and Traits

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Heredity: Genetics and Traits, By Salman Khan, Khan Academy, Video length: 17:27 READ MORE

What Color Eyes will your Children Have?

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What Color Eyes will your Children Have?, The Tech Museum, Interactive activity. READ MORE

About Genetics | Understanding Genetics

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About Genetics, Understanding Genetics, The Tech Museum, Great site! Find out what genes are, how they work, why we're different (think genotypes/phenotypes), mutations, and more. READ MORE

What are traits?

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What are traits? Genetic Science Learning Center University of Utah Discover how studying twins helps scientists determine that DNA doesn't control everything. READ MORE

PowerPoint Presentation - Gregor Mendel

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PowerPoint Presentation - Gregor Mendel, Contra Costa County Office of Education, Pleasant Hill, California, A good combination of illustrations and text. READ MORE
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