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Standardized Test Practice

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Standardized Test Practice Glencoe.com Try out practice tests on a variety of biology topics. READ MORE

Looking Inside Cells

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Looking Inside Cells, Created by Mrs. Newlin, 6th Grade Life Science, Try flash card, matching, concentration, and word search activities. READ MORE

High School Biology Revision

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High School Biology Revision, Created by Alice234, FunTrivia.com, Ten question interactive. READ MORE

Flashcards: Test on Cells, Mrs. Rabbit 7th Grade

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Flashcards: Test on Cells, Mrs. Rabbit 7th Grade Quizlet.com Review the terms (there are 44) with the flashcards, then check out the interactive learn, test, games sections on the same terms. READ MORE

Flashcards: Cell structure and Function

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Flashcards: Cell structure and Function Created by crottsg Quizlet.com Review cell structure and function terms with the flashcards then check out the 'Learn' and 'Test' tabs. You can also pla READ MORE

My Cells | Biology: Cells

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My Cells | Biology: Cells, College-cram.com, "Use these flash cards to practice your grasp of cytoplasm, chloroplast, cytokinesis, and dozens of other biology terms." READ MORE

Biology Quiz: Cells

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Biology Quiz: Cells, College-cram.com, "Take this self-quiz to review cell terms and concepts like mitochondria, meiosis, and mitosis." Ten question interactive. READ MORE

Basic Cell Structures, Functions, and Processes

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Basic Cell Structures, Functions, and Processes, Quia.com, "This game will reinforce the terms used in the study of cells." Multiple-choice quiz; 23 questions. READ MORE

Cell Biology Word Search

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Cell Biology Word Search Surfnetkids.com See how quick you can pick out the words. READ MORE

Label the Cells

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Label the Cells, Curriculumbits.com, A drag and drop activity for labeling both plant and animal cells. READ MORE

Biology: Cell: Diagram of a Human Cell Nucleus

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Biology: Cell: Diagram of a Human Cell Nucleus, Created by heateh, 21 Nov, 2008, PurposeGames.com, Click on the image for quiz. READ MORE

Cell Structures and Cell Division Quiz

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Cell Structures and Cell Division Quiz, QuizMoz, Quiz Created by: Oana, All it takes is two minutes to take the Cell Structures and Cell Division Quiz and find out how much you know about the qui READ MORE

DNA Quiz

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DNA Quiz, QuizMoz, Interactive; 13 questions. READ MORE

Eukaryotic Cell Organelles Quiz

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Eukaryotic Cell Organelles Quiz, QuizMoz, Interactive 17 questions. READ MORE

Chapter 2 Science: Parts of Living Things

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Chapter 2 Science: Parts of Living Things, Created by sabrow01, ProProfs Quiz School, Interactive quiz. READ MORE

Cells for Fifth Grade!

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Cells for Fifth Grade!, Created by acasey02, ProProfs Quiz School, Interactive 5 question quiz. READ MORE

6th Grade Intro to Cells

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6th Grade Intro to Cells, Created by smcneilsac, ProProfs Quiz School, Interactive 12 question test. READ MORE

Cells! Cells! Cells!

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Cells! Cells! Cells!, Created by soccersmile68, ProProfs Quiz School, Interactive 9 question quiz. READ MORE

Cell Structure Quiz School

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Cell Structure, ProProfs Quiz School, Created by pebestar, Six question interactive focuses on vocabulary of a cell. READ MORE

Plant and Animal Cell Organelles Quiz

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Plant and Animal Cell Organelles Quiz ProProfs Quiz School Created by raleighegypt Ten question interactive quiz. READ MORE

Function of Organelles

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Function of Organelles, Mr. Allan, ScienceGeek.net, Excellent interactive review. READ MORE

Animal Cell Structure

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Animal Cell Structure, By Mr. Allan, ScienceGeek.net, Review Activity Match the items on the right to the items on the left. READ MORE

Organize It; Cellular Respiration

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Organize It; Cellular Respiration, Dr. Leif Saul, BiologyInMotion.com, Click on the "help" tab to learn how Organize It works then follow the directions on the quiz page. READ MORE

Drag-and-Drop Cell Organelles

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Drag-and-Drop Cell Organelles, Zero-bio.com, Match each structure with its function by dragging the organelles to their proper spaces. READ MORE

Test Your Science IQ: Cells

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Test Your Science IQ: Cells, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Quiz is offered at three levels, high school, college and graduate. Refer to their "class notes" if you don't answer a READ MORE

Cells - The Units of Life

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Cells - The Units of Life, Glencoe Online Science, Multiple choice, 20 questions. READ MORE


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GyroQuiz3.swf, ZeroBio.com, In this flash animated quiz you can control the basic movements of your character (an astronaut) while solving true-false questions. READ MORE

Biology Quiz : Animal Cell Diagram

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Biology Quiz : Animal Cell Diagram, Syvum.com, Identify parts of an animal cell diagram. Available in multiple choice, hangman, clueless hangman, and more. READ MORE

Cell Parts

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Cell Parts, Myschoolhouse.com, Easy-to-understand introduction to cell parts followed by fill-in-the-blank quiz. Check your answers when you're through. READ MORE

Animal Cell Components Mix & Match

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Animal Cell Components Mix & Match, Author: Karen Hagen, Department of Biological Science, University of Alberta, Match up images of organelles with their function. READ MORE

Cell Quiz

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Cell Quiz, By C. Massengale, Interactive quiz; 10 questions. Check your score when you're through. READ MORE

Inside the Cell Crossword Puzzle

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Inside the Cell Crossword Puzzle, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Interactive crossword. READ MORE

Cell Structure & Function Quiz

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Cell Structure & Function Quiz, SoftSchools.com, For grade 7. Ten question interactive. READ MORE

Cell Processes

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Cell Processes, SoftSchools.com, Ten question interactive quiz. READ MORE

Cell Processes

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Cell Processes, McGraw-Hill Glencoe Publishers, Twenty question interactive quiz on cell processes. READ MORE

Inside the Cell Battleship

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Inside the Cell Battleship, Mrs. J Hoeffner, Science 8 instructor, Mardela Middle High School, Quia.com, Show what you know about what's in a cell and what a cell does. READ MORE

Cell Structure & Function Quiz

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Cell Structure & Function Quizm By Mr. Roger Patterson, Chemistry Teacher, Buffalo High School-Science Department, Quia.com, A basic quiz on the organelles and their function in the cell; 18 que READ MORE

Cell Jeopardy

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Cell Jeopardy, Ms. Barbee, Quia.com, Students can practice their knowledge of cell organelles. READ MORE

Cell: Parts-Function Study Tools 6th Grade

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Cell: Parts-Function Study Tools Created by: Acer StudyStack.com Review cell parts and their function; 18 cards. Check out different formats - hangman, crossword, type in, flash cards, study ta READ MORE

Cell parts Study Tools

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Cell parts Study Tools, Created by: rhealy, StudyStack.com, Review your knowledge of cell parts; available in different formats including hangman, crossword, marching, flashcards, type in, and mo READ MORE

Cell Organization, Transport, Osmosis, Diffusion, etc.

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Cell Organization, Transport, Osmosis, Diffusion, etc, Anthony's Cells Voca, Studystack.com, Flash cards is just one way you can test yourself on these topics; also available in hangman, matching READ MORE

Cell Organelle & Function Match-Up

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Cell Organelle & Function Match-Up, By Ms. Barbee, Quia.com, Identify the matching terms in two columns. READ MORE

Biology4Kids Quiz: Cell Overview

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Biology4Kids Quiz: Cell Overview Interactive quiz. READ MORE

Cell Inspector

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Cell Inspector, Harcourt School Publishers, Interactive quiz/game; click on "new cell" for a new graphic. READ MORE

Basic Cell Biology Game

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Basic Cell Biology Game, Created by zorr, FunTrivia.com, Interactive 10 question game. READ MORE

Cell Organelles - Quia

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Cell Organelles - Quia, By Cathi Johnston, Find the matching squares. READ MORE

Cell Parts Worksheet

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Cell Parts Worksheet, MySchoolhouse.com, Review and interactive quiz on cell parts. READ MORE
Take a quiz and see how much you know about cell parts, organelles, function, and structure.
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