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Cell Cycle Control - Video

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Cell Cycle Control, By Khan Academy, YouTube.com, Video length: 04:08. READ MORE

Cell Cycle Phases - Video

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Cell Cycle Phases, By Khan Academy, YouTube.com, Video length: 06:42. READ MORE

9.1: Process Animation: The Cell Division Cycle

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9.1: Process Animation: The Cell Division Cycle, Discovery Biology 3rd Edition, W.W. Norton Company, Interactive animation. READ MORE

9.5: Activity: Compare mitosis and meiosis

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9.5: Activity: Compare mitosis and meiosis, Discovery Biology 3rd Edition, W.W. Norton Company, Interactive labeling exercise. READ MORE

9.1: Tutorial: The cell division cycle

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9.1: Tutorial: The cell division cycle, Discovery Biology 3rd Edition, W.W. Norton Company, "This tutorial explores the stages of the cell cycle in a single eukaryotic cell." READ MORE

Cell Cycle

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Cell Cycle, Max Animations, Animation illustrates the checkpoints that occur throughout the cell cycle. READ MORE

Cell Cycle

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Cell Cycle, Written by tutor Katherine P., Wyzant.com, Combination of text and illustrations. READ MORE

Types of Cell Division: Binary Fission, Mitosis & Meiosis

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Types of Cell Division: Binary Fission, Mitosis & Meiosis, By Tami Port, ScienceProfOnline, "There are three different types of cell division, the binary fission of prokaryotes, and mitosis and m READ MORE


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Meiosis Wikipedia.org Meiosis is cell division through sexual reproduction. This article takes a look at its history, evolution, occurrence, phases, and more. Click on an image for larger versio READ MORE


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Mitosis Wikipedia.org Article with images and illustrations explaining the phases of mitosis. READ MORE

Cell Division

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Cell Division, Brightstorm Science Videos, Video length: 02:10. READ MORE

Chapter 12 - The Cell Cycle | Course-Notes.org

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Chapter 12 - The Cell Cycle, AP Biology, Course-Notes.org, This course outline corresponds to Campbell's Biology, 7th Edition, to help you prepare for the AP Biology Exam. READ MORE

How Long Does it Take for Cells to Divide?

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How Long Does it Take for Cells to Divide?, Written by S.E. Smith, Wisegeek.com, All-text page. READ MORE

Cell Cycle

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The Cell Cycle, By Barbara Liang, Wisconsin-Online, "In this animated object, learners examine the different phases of a cell's life." READ MORE

Cell Division

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Cell Division, Grade 6, Macmillan McGraw-Hill, Animated review and quiz. READ MORE

Cell Cycle Label

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Cell Cycle Label, The Biology Corner, Intended for the classroom, you can print this worksheet and see if you can label the stages of mitosis correctly. READ MORE

Cell Cycle Activities

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Cell Cycle Activities, By Ronnie Daniels, eHow Contributing Writer, Step-by-step information on a cell's four stages: growth, synthesis, more growth, and mitosis. Visit the web site for illustrat READ MORE

Cell Cycle

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Cell Cycle, By jackie8k, Hubpages.com, All-text page. READ MORE

Cell Cycle: An Interactive Animation

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Cell Cycle: An Interactive Animation, CellsAlive.com, Great animation!! READ MORE

Cells: Animal Cell Cycle

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Cells: Animal Cell Cycle, College-cram.com, Interactive tutorial where you explore the growth and division processes for animal cells. READ MORE

A Typical Plant Cell

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A Typical Plant Cell By Ross Koning Clickable illustration of a plant cell; click on any organelle for more information. READ MORE

Cell Theory, Form, and Function Cell Cycle: Interphase, Mitosis, Cytokinesis

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Cell Theory, Form, and Function Cell Cycle: Interphase, Mitosis, Cytokinesis, Infopleae.com, Text and illustration. READ MORE

Cell Cycle Study Tools

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Cell cycle Created by: littlefitzy3 StudyStack.com Review the stages of the cell cycle with these tools - flashcards, matching, hangman, crossword, unscramble, type in and StudyStack. READ MORE

Cell Growth study tools

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Cell Growth study tools Created by: ecotteacher StudyStack.com Ten different formats to study cell growth including hangman, crossword, flash cards, study stack, matching, and more. READ MORE
Here you can find resources on meiosis, which is sexual reproduction, and mitosis, where the chromosomes in a cell nucleus are divided.
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