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Blood Groups and Heredity

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Blood Groups and Heredity, Contra Costa County Office of Education, Interactive tutorial. READ MORE


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Blood Groups, UK NHS, There are four main blood groups (types of blood): A, B, AB and O. Your blood group is determined by the genes you inherit from your parents. Visit the website to learn READ MORE

What's Inside of Blood? - Video

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What's Inside of Blood?, Dec. 10, 2012, By Khan Academy, Video length: 11:08. READ MORE

Hematopoiesis - Video

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Hematopoiesis, May 7, 2014, By Khan Academy, Video length: 10:07. READ MORE

A Sweet Way to Grow Blood Vessels

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A Sweet Way to Grow Blood Vessels by Tim Wogan, 1 July 2012, ScienceNow "Imagine a world where if your heart or kidneys failed, you wouldn't have to endure an agonizing, possibly futile wait for READ MORE

Human Blood Slide Show

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Human Blood Slide Show By Elliott Kimmed ZeroBio.com "Slideshow with images and descriptions of blood cells and some blood-borne diseases." READ MORE

Blood Type Genetics Lab

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Blood Type Genetics Lab By Elliot Kimmed ZeroBio.com "In the genetics lab you can experiment with different blood types and learn what happens when they are donated to a recipient." READ MORE

Cardiac Cycle

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Cardiac Cycle From: sheekshampoo YouTube.com A 01:52 video. READ MORE

Phases of the Cardiac Cycle

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Phases of the Cardiac Cycle By Regina Bailey, ThoughtCo. "The cardiac cycle is the cycle of events that occurs as the heart contracts. There are two phases of the cardiac cycle." Visit the web READ MORE

What are two differences between oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood?

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What are two differences between oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood? Answers.com WikiAnswers Visit the website for the answer. READ MORE

What is Blood? Video

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What is Blood?, By americasbloodcenters, YouTube.com, "Function and composition of human blood." Video length: 02:24. READ MORE

Formation of Blood Cells

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Formation of Blood Cells Merck Manual Brief all-text article on the origination of blood cells. READ MORE

Blood: We can't live without it

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Blood: We can't live without it, Children, Youth and Women's Health Service, Geared toward younger people, through text and illustrations, it explains what blood is, what it's made up of, types of READ MORE

Blood Cells

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Blood Cells Wikipedia.org Brief overview of the three categories of cells found in blood with links to the main articles Wikipedia has on platelets, and red and white blood cells. Click on image READ MORE

Contents of Blood

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Contents of Blood, Abu Dhabi's Men College, Video length: 09:28 READ MORE

Blood - Contents and function

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Blood - Contents and function Biotopics.uk A combination of text and illustrations on the types of substances in blood. READ MORE

Introduction to Blood Cells

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Introduction to Blood Cells Microscope Imaging Station Exploratorium.edu From this one page, you can view images and movies on human and animal blood cells that The Exploratorium offers on thei READ MORE

blood cells

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blood cells By Jeffrey W. Hull, M.D., F.A.A.P Parent's Common Sense Encyclopedia A review of the cells types that circulate in the blood stream. READ MORE

The Blood Cells

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The Blood Cells By Daniela Tagliasacchi & Giorgio Carboni Fun Science Gallery A great resource for everything related to blood cells. It has microscopic images and illustrations along with text READ MORE
There are three kinds of blood cells. Red blood cells are the oxygen-carrying cells; white blood cells fight infection; and platelets help with blood clotting.
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